2018 Calendar of Events

February 28
Carlos Diaz – Carlos will share photographs and reflections on his 2015 trip to Japan. He is a Professor of Photography at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit.
March 28
Tyler Sherrod will do a demonstration styling of a deciduous tree. Tyler has studied with Boon Manakitivipart in California, and apprenticed with Shinji Suzuki in Japan. He currently operates Dogwood Studios in North Carolina.
March 29
Tyler Sherrod Juniper Workshop – The workshop fee is $110 and is limited to 8 participants. Workshop material is Procumbens Juniper, Juniperus procumbens. These are high quality pre-bonsai. This workshop is suitable for experienced bonsai growers.
April 25
Jack Sustic – Bring Your Own Tree discussion and work session. This was enthusiastically received by members last year. Jack is an AABS member and Curator Emeritus of the Bonsai & Penjing Collection at the U.S. National Arboretum.
April 26
Kurt Smith/Ron Milostan - Larch forest workshop. Cost is $60.00 per person and limited to 8 participants. This would include 7 trees and plastic forest tray, soil and wire
May 23
Young Choe – Kusamono & Accent Plants – selection and display. There will be a talk and a demonstration of techniques. Young Choe has studied Kusamono in Japan under Keiko Yamane, a former student of Saburo Kato. She works at the U.S. National Arboretum.
May 24
Young Choe – Kusamono & Accent Plant workshop. Cost is $30 per person and limited to 12 participants. Participants may bring their own pots and plants, or purchase pots and plants which will be available at the workshop. You can also bring plantings that you have, in order to refine or redesign them. Wire and soil will be provided. Participants can expect to make 2 or 3 plantings of kusamono or accent plants.
June 20
Bjorn Bjorholm - Bjorn will be demonstrating techniques and discussing conifer bonsai. He spent six years as an apprentice under Master Keiichi Fujikawa at Kouka-en bonsai nursery in Osaka, Japan before receiving certification as a bonsai professional by the Nippon Bonsai Association. His work has appeared in many notable exhibitions, including the Kokufu-ten, Sakufu-ten, and Taikan-ten exhibitions.
June 21
Bjorn Bjorholm – Bjorn will hold a bring your own tree workshop. Participants should bring a tree that they wish to style or refine, as well as tools and wire. This workshop is intended for experience bonsai growers. The cost is $50.00 per person, and the workshop is limited to 8 participants.
July 25
Mark and Becky Hanner – Potters and AABS members Mark & Becky Hanner will discuss bonsai pots, and the art of pot making, including a demonstration of techniques.
July 26
Mark & Becky Hanner – Mark and Becky will lead a workshop in pot-making. Participants will complete one or two slab or tray pots, or smaller kusamono pots. Different glaze or finish options will be discussed, and participants will select these for their trays/pots. They will then fire the pots at their studio, and return them to participants. Cost is $65.00 person, and limited to 8 participants.
August 22
Mark Fields – Mark will be styling a Rocky Mountain Juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, including demonstrating deadwood techniques. Mark is the proprietor of Bonsai by Fields in Greenwood, IN. He has studied with a number of bonsai masters in Europe, Japan, and the U.S.
August 23
Mark Fields – Workshop featuring Sekka Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Itoigawa juniper and Kishu juniper. These are cultivars with very compact foliage, and will be styled into a shohin size bonsai. This workshop is suitable for beginning or experienced bonsai growers. Cost is $100.00 per person, and is limited to 10 participants. An indication of which tree you would like to style is helpful but not required.
August 25
August 25 - 26 AABS Annual Show
September 26
Annual club auction. Members may bring trees and other bonsai-related items to be auctioned. There will be a silent action and a live auction. Non-members may purchase items, but you must be a member to sell items.
October 24
Styling Stuff: Observations on Bonsai Design and Aesthetics. Jack Wikle, longtime AABS member and nationally recognized bonsai artist, will share some insights. Plus, several AABS members will also discuss their experiences at the National Bonsai Show held in Rochester, New York in September.


Meetings are held monthly, February through October, on the fourth Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted in the events calendar.

All monthly meetings are at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens Auditorium beginning at 7:00pm with members gathering at 6:30pm to share bonsai stories.

Classes, Workshops, Special Events

During the year there are classes, workshops, special events, an auction and the annual AABS Bonsai Show. Note locations and times for each. In some instances additional fees may apply to classes, workshops or special events. Registrations and payment should be made ahead of time, as space is often limited.

Contact the AABS or register at a monthly meeting.

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Dates and programming are subject to change.

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