Biography. Abraham Woodhull wrote a message to Benjamin Tallmadge to say that he would be visiting New York again and, "by the assistance of a [lady] of my acquaintance, shall be able to outwit them all. Anna accomplished this signaling by means of a homespun device that fooled all wisdom with its simplicity. ": 173 Several historians surmise that Anna Strong was the lady identified as "a … Tallmadge's informants consisted of friends he made at school on Long Island, including Austin Roe, Caleb Brewster, Abraham Woodhull, and Anna Strong. Anna Strong/Abraham Woodhull (29) Edmund Hewlett/Anna Strong (12) Abraham Woodhull/Mary Woodhull (11) Caleb Brewster/Benjamin Tallmadge (9) Anna Strong/Selah Strong (7) Benjamin Tallmadge/Original Female Character(s) (7) John André/Peggy Shippen (6) John Graves Simcoe/Anna Strong (4) Anna Strong (14 April 1740 – 12 August 1812) was a patriot spy during the American Revolutionary War.Strong, the wife of New York tavern owner and militia captain Selah Strong, was a member of Abraham Woodhull's Culper Ring during the war, assisting George Washington in collecting information on British activities during the war.. Hewlett immediately makes plans to have Woodhull released, but says he must do something else first. This was a signal to chief spy Abraham Woodhull. Judge Woodhull and Abraham's wife, Mary, inform the major of Abraham's arrest in New York. Join me as a visit the grave of Anna Strong, who was an important figure in George Washington's "Culper Spy Ring" during the American Revolution. Though Woodhull was Tallmadge's chief agent, Robert Townsend was an important informant who posed as a Loyalist coffee-shop owner and merchant while working as a society journalist. Hewlett goes to the Strong Tavern, shocking both Simco and Anna, … ANNA SMITH STRONG, the great grand-daughter of Colonel William [Tangier] Smith devised, according to family folklore, a wash line signal system to identify for Abraham Woodhull the whereabouts of Caleb Brewster's Whaleboat, so that Woodhull could find him and pass along the messages meant for General Washington. It comprised several other agents, including Caleb Brewster, Austin Roe, Anna Strong, Hercules Mulligan, and Townsend’s paramour, known today only by her code name “355.” The ring was named for the operational names of two of its members: Abraham Woodhull (code-named Samuel Culper) and Robert Townsend (code-named Culper, Jr.). › political-figure › abraham-woodhull Colonists Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell) and Anna Strong (Heather Lind) once hoped to tie the knot and raise a family in Setauket, Long Island. Abraham Woodhull (October 7, 1750 – January 23, 1826) was a leading member of the Culper Spy Ring in New York City and Setauket, New York, during the American Revolutionary War.He used the alias "Samuel Culper" (later "Samuel Culper Sr."), which was a play on Culpeper County, Virginia, and was suggested by George Washington.. Anna would take her laundry out to the tip of Strong's Neck and hang her black petticoat along with handkerchiefs scattered throughout her wash.