The Purpose of the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society is to “promote knowledge, appreciation and practice of the art of bonsai to its members and to the general public through meetings, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, publications or other means.” (Constitution and Bylaws of the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society)

To that purpose, this section of the AABS Web site will be to promote education on all things bonsai. It will be a collection of web-based information, documentation, handouts from workshops and the wise teachings of our leadership. This portion of the AABS site is new and will by its nature continue to grow and develop.

(Please ask permission of the author(s) to reproduce any information on this page beyond that for individual use. Requests for permission may be made using the Contact Us Page)

From Jack Wikle
Wintering: Are You Ready
Bonsai “Rules” and Styling
Guidelines Not Rules
How I’ve Been Growing Bonsai Indoors Under Cool White Fluorescent Light

Thoughts on Wiring
Work or Wait? (View From Here, #1)
Thoughts on Bonsai Soil (View From Here, #2)

Bill Heston
Lighting for Indoor Bonsai