David Cutchin – Perception and Perspective

David Cutchin – Perception and Perspective


July 26, 2023    
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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     What influences traditional versus modern composition in bonsai? Some would say the age or generational interpretation of the artist, others may say that it’s the architectural framework of the material, and the rest could instead be inspired by a penjing aesthetic without knowing the difference.

     In this program, we discuss the distinction between modern and traditional bonsai and their relationship with penjing. This includes a look at technical application, the usage of mixed media or materials for display, and cultural perspective.

     The goal is to define our own interest so while practicing either artform, our technical and horticultural direction are more deliberate. With this clarification, we learn how to achieve our goals in a more efficient and timely manner by utilizing the right approach for our desired outcome. This helps to balance our expectations as artists with the fundamental requirements of our material.