Next Meeting: Clip and Grow Wireless Styling: Mike Lane

A brief intro to Mike, taken from
“My journey in Bonsai began late in 2008, after receiving a
small juniper as a gift. Following this tree’s untimely demise
caused by my ignorance, I began looking for classes online
and stumbled upon Wigert’s Bonsai in North Fort Myers
Florida. Shortly after my first few visits, I began working
under the tutelage of Erik Wigert. After a short period of
time, I began assisting him in both traveling workshops,
regular classes and all aspect of the bonsai nursery.”

We will continue with an early session ahead of the
standard meeting for less experienced members to bring a
tree and get advice and suggestions from more experienced
members. This will begin at 6 pm. The regular meeting will
begin in the Matthaei auditorium starting at 7:00 pm.
June 26, 2024