Next Meeting: Pine Styling/Wiring

This month’s meeting is in person. Our guest speaker is
Francelle Nieto-Brodnick.
A brief intro:
“Elle Nieto-Brodnick discovered the passion of bonsai
appreciation and cultivation during the height of the
Covid-19 pandemic while working in the healthcare industry.
She started educating herself via online videos and
literature. Her voracious quest for learning led her to
attending workshops and classes under Todd Schlafer, Andy
Smith, Owen Reich, Julian Tsai, and Will Baddeley. Within
her 3 years of practice and under the tutelage of Bjorn
Bjorholm and Mauro Stemberger, she remains a motivated
student who reveals an exceptional percipience of bonsai
aspirations. Elle has done what is necessary to further her
study, improve her skills, and develop her character traits
reflective of a disciplined and committed bonsai
 Teaching basic to intermediate bonsai at The Hidden
Gardens and with groups of fellow practitioners has pivoted
her being a serious student to an upcoming bonsai

 Starting this month, we will have an early session ahead of
the standard meeting for less experienced members to
bring a tree and get advice and suggestions from more
experienced members. This will begin at 6 pm.
The regular meeting will begin in the Matthaei auditorium
starting at 7:00 pm.